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Hi, I'm Yuka/Yato

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I reblog and post stuff up there and just about anything I find amusing! I also draw things.

I like Kyouhei (pokemon) a lot

Talk shit get hit

Some screen shots I took while playing puchi eva ds!! THANKS TO TAKA FOR HELPING ME WITH TRANSLATIONS HAHAHA!!

I will upload the credits pictures… (also these are very kaworu biased and… にげちゃダメだ… only screenshot the gayest moments… シンジくん、ぼくのことすき? うん! dies. )

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    In order translation:Kaworu: I’m saying that I love you. (Direct quote from episode 24)Kaworu: Shinji-kun, do you...
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    there are no words to express how badly i wish I could play this game translated unGGHHHHHH
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