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I like Kyouhei (pokemon) a lot

Talk shit get hit
just a quick doodle :)
-some amazing artist who just unwittingly crushed your dreams and entire soul (via toastoat)

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Imagine getting a detailed handsewn plushie of your favorite character in the mail one day from a mysterious sender, and whenever you’re in danger or distress the plushie turns into a flesh-and-blood version of your character to protect and comfort you

*raises hand* does being unbearably horny count as danger

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Can we just take a moment of appreciation for the Great  music in Zankyou no Terror .


Title: Zankyou no Terror Original Soundtrack
Artist: Kanno Youko

1. lolol
2. von (feat. Arnór Dan)
3. ess
4. saga
5. fugl
6. hanna (feat. Hanna Berglind)
7. veat
8. lava (feat. POP ETC)
9. walt
10. birden (feat. Arnór Dan)
11. Fa
12. nc17
13. is (feat. POP ETC)
14. 22 (feat. Ryo Nagano)
15. seele
16. lev low
17. ili lolol
18. bless (feat. Arnór Dan) 

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Irritated at someone who eats or breathes too loudly? This is called misophonia, a disorder that causes negative reactions to noises.




Australia.Please stop.And let me hug this creature.

#Australia #I should Be afraid #but #D’awwwwno nonono. Be not afraid of the wombat. They are awesome.  They’re like groundhogs, if groundhogs were furry tanks. The claws are for digging, and they’re complete herbivores. Unlike most australian wildlife they don’t fart fire or shoot spines or turn into velociraptors as a protective measure, they just have this HUGE backside of solid bone.   Seriously. When a predator threatens their burrow they just crouch down face-first and when said predator tries to get over that gigantic bony arse to feast on sweet wombat face they just STAND UP and crush that fucker against the roof.  You also do not want to hit one with your car. It’s like running over a fucking boulder. I’ve seen wombat strikes destroy the entire undercarriage of a car, rip out the sump, fuck up the axles and destroy the suspension and the goddamn wombat just walked off.   Forget that “deer destroyed my front end” shit, a wombat will give you a complete write-off.   (This is also why you get the fuck out of their way if you see one running towards you. You do not want to get hit by that bastard).But they generally just wander around like comically shaped foot-rests, eating roots and enjoying the night air.   They can run, but don’t like to, and generally could not give two shits about humans because who cares about two-legs when you have an arse that can destroy utes.    And they poop rectangles.

I can’t.

i was wondering why my parents swerved liked pro racers every time we came across one on the road



imagine whoever is your icon in a maid outfit

i don’t need to imagine


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